SKF EasyPull hydraulic puller TMMA 75H

Quick and virtually effortless bearing dismounting with up to 75 kN withdrawal force

The SKF EasyPull TMMA 75H is one of the most user-friendly and safest bearing dismounting tools on the market. It is very robust and ergonomically designed and features spring-operated arms that enable the user to position the puller behind the component with just one movement. The TMMA 75H is hydraulically assisted and effortlessly reaches withdrawal forces up to 75 kN for components with a maximum outer diameter of 200 mm (7.8 in).

• Integrated, ready-to-use hydraulic cylinder, pump, and puller - assembly-free and no purchase of additional parts
• Safety valve prevents spindles and pullers from being overloaded if excessive force is applied
• The spring-loaded center point on the hydraulic spindle allows easy centering of the puller on the shaft without damaging the shaft
• Unique red rings spring-operated opening mechanism allow the TMMA 75H to be placed behind the component with just one movement
• Self-centring capability and nosepiece help to avoid damage to shaft
• Supplied with extension pieces and one nosepiece

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Width of grip external, minimum:
52 mm

Width of grip external, maximum:
200 mm

Effective arm length:
200 mm

Maximum withdrawal force:
75 kN

Claw height:
9.8 mm