TIH 030M/110V – SKF


SKF Induction Heater TIH 030m (110V version)

Small induction heater with a 40 kg bearing heating capacity

The SKF TIH 030m is a small induction heater and is designed for the hot mounting of bearings. This compact heater is ideal for use on workbenches, yet it can be easily carried for on-site applications. Supplied with three yokes and foldable support arms, the heater is capable of heating bearings with bore diameters of 20 mm or more and with a maximum weight of 40 kg.

• Easy and safe to use with automatic temperature control or time-controlled heating
• Automatic demagnetization reduces the risk of bearing contamination
• Suitable for non-bearing applications for workpieces weighing up to 20 kg
• Automatic temperature hold function to keep the bearing hot after completion of the heating cycle.

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Maximum pressure:

Volume per stroke:

Bore diameter range:
20 - 300 mm

Operating area (w x h):
100 x 135 mm

Coil diameter:
95 mm

Standard yokes (included) for minimal bore diameter:
65;40;20 mm

Optional yokes for minimal bore diameter:
30;60 mm

Heating example (bearing, weight, temperature, time):
23136 CC/W33 28 kg 110 °C 20 min

SKF m20 performance:
28 kg

Max. power consumption:
2 kV·A

100-120 V/50-60 Hz

Temparature control:
20 to 250 °C

Demagnetisation according to SKF norms:
< 2 A/cm Max. heating temperature: 250 °C Dimensions (w x d x h): 460 x 200 x 260 mm Clamp dimensions (w x d x h): N/A Total weight (incl. yokes): 20.9 kg